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SurveySuccess is our innovative audit support software providing an electronic template to maximize the quality of your survey and audit needs.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower Skilled Nursing Facility teams with CMS Survey and QAPI auditing processes in a monitored and supported cloud-based software. We aim to optimize organizational processes and manage deliverables within an electronic auditing tool customized for each location.

Our software provides document storage, easy access, and a complete workflow for compliance and accuracy. This is all delivered in a unified platform that will improve quality of care, service, and overall performance.

Easily track and manage all audits and findings

SurveySuccess helps you improve quality measures, reduce state tags, and increase efficiency.

Our software:

  • – Tracks high-risk areas
    – Enables electronic notifications and access to audit assignments, due/completion dates
    – Allows audit creation beyond Survey and QAPI – Quality Measures, such as:

Best of all...

Goodbye, paper!

Let the Medicare compliance and audit experts at Functional Pathways show you how to simplify and transform your CMS Annual Survey preparation and QAPI audits in Skilled Nursing Facilities and provide you with...