Clinical Reimbursement and PDPM Management via Splash Board

Splash Board is Functional Pathways’ Clinical Reimbursement tool designed to help our clients maximize their PDPM reimbursement opportunities. Splash Board is an invaluable tool to measure therapy goals. It provides better detail into how facilities can improve the patient’s Goals Met and Progress to Goal by enhancing treatment strategies, using predictive analytics to ensure we provide the right care at the right time, and enhancing communication for care plans and discharge processes.

Over 90% of our clients have seen significant improvement in their PDPM reimbursement through the use of our Splash Board process. The software captures CMI/CMG trends and benchmarks compared to national averages, identifies reimbursement opportunities in all five CMI categories (PT, OT, SLP, Nursing, and NTA), and highlights areas of revenue risks for Medicare Audits. Plus, all the reporting is real-time, so no waiting around for data.

Want to maximize your reimbursement opportunities and achieve the best outcomes for your patients? We’re here to help!

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