Functional Pathways is committed to assisting our clients in creating an integrated environment to help residents age in place across the continuum of care.

In today’s changing environment, it is important for communities to partner with a post-acute care provider that has an effective strategy and proven track record of success in providing high quality care that result in the best clinical outcomes at a managed cost. At Functional Pathways, we have the expertise to customize the scope of our services to meet the needs of our partners.



Advanced Recovery is Functional Pathways’ comprehensive rehabilitation and post-acute care process focused on short-term therapy needs. We offer Advanced Recovery as a result of our commitment to restoring independence and facilitating transition home as quickly and safely as possible. Advanced Recovery provides short-term patients the right place to provide the right care, ensuring the right outcomes, at the right cost.


  • Specialized clinical programs paired with our Clinical Mapping Tool

  • Trained, experienced staff
  • Guaranteed therapy evaluation within the first twenty-four (24) hours of admission


  • We utilize specialized clinical programs paired with our Clinical Mapping Tool
  • Customized person-centered care approach creating an individualized plan of care
  • Extended hours and therapy coverage available seven (7) days per weeks


  • Excellent clinical outcomes communicated via RightTrack™ directly to patient, family, and physicians
  • Safe transition planning to home or lesser levels of care
  • High resident and client satisfaction


  • Appropriate length of stay
  • Reduced risk of re-hospitalization through care coordination and post discharge management
  • Customized bundled payment Average Length of Stay Benchmark Guide

Functional Pathways collaborates with the Interdisciplinary Team, Restorative Nursing, and on-site Wellness and Activity Programs to develop a comprehensive strategy to promote functional independence and quality of life to residents in the long-term care setting. Additionally, our Clinical Operations Specialists conduct a quality measure analysis to survey the current residents’ needs to determine specialized programming to enhance quality performance in the CMS five-star rating system.


  • Engagement
  • Pulmonary Care
  • Cardiac Care
  • Clinically Complex Conditions Orthopedic Recovery
  • Neuro-Rehabilitation
  • Parkinson’s Care
  • Fall Prevention
  • Continence



Functional Pathways is dedicated to providing innovative and evidence-based therapy programming to meet the needs of residents requiring Outpatient Therapy services. We will work in collaboration with the Wellness staff to establish an integrated solution to identify specialty programs to meet the residents’ needs both on and off campus, and train the Outpatient Therapy staff for successful implementation. To ensure the program’s success, we will also provide research and marketing support to residents on-campus and targeted referral neighborhoods, physicians, and other demographics off campus.

Below is a list of specialized programs for implementation:


  • Evidence-Based Fall Prevention using Otago and STEADI
  • Rock Steady Parkinson’s Programming
  • Pathways to Engagement: Dementia Staging
  • Aquatic Therapy
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation
  • Enhanced Joint Surgery Recovery
  • Driver Certification

Our Transition Concierge program introduces residents to  all of the services available on campus, as well as helps them feel more at home.

How it Works

  • The Navigation Team will conduct assessments to establish a baseline of the residents’ abilities, interests, and needs.
  • Partnership begins with the Interdisciplinary Team and Community Liaison to build a customized care plan.
  • Successful transition into becoming active members within the community’s Wellness and Social programs.



Functional Pathways’ brand for Wellness is Elite Living™. The Elite Living Wellness Model was developed utilizing the framework of the National Wellness Institute, the nation’s premier organization for wellness education and research.  We utilize the following six (6) dimensions to define the Wellness Program:

The Six Dimensions of ELITE LIVING

Emphasizes awareness and acceptance of one’s feelings.  Reflects to what degree a person feels positive and enthusiastic about life.

Promotes expansion of knowledge through resources and cultural activities.

Promotes activities to increase muscular strengthening, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility.  Encourages healthy lifestyle habits.

Fosters the creation and maintenance of healthy relationships.  Fosters positive interaction within the community to improve the welfare of the community.

Involves development of personal values and ethics.  Promotes the seeking of meaning and purpose in human experience.  This area is self-determined.

Encourages the development of new skills through meaningful activities.

We have the expertise to customize Elite Living by offering support to the community to actual management of the Wellness Department. The following services can be customized based upon the client’s needs:


  • Conduct Health and Wellness Screenings
  • Develop Specialized Classes and Activities
  • Provide Staff Training
  • Organize Resident Satisfaction and Interest Surveys
  • Create Marketing Materials
  • Coordinate Wellness Fairs and Community Events
  • Conduct Senior Fitness Testing



Functional Pathways partners with the community’s preferred Home Health provider to  establish a continuum of care for the AL and IL residents through the utilization of our therapists. Together, we develop programming designed to enhance the continuity of care and reduce the risk of hospital readmission as our therapists are familiar with the community’s residents and their needs. Our services include participating in the following:


  • Admission process
  • Evaluation
  • Development of treatment plan
  • Case coordination
  • Discharge Planning