RightTrack™ is Functional Pathways three-step, care management software that communicates and tracks outcomes while a patient is on therapy caseload to promote a safe transition from rehab to the patient’s home environment. 

RightTrack™ and Optima Healthcare Solutions have integrated patient demographics and Section GG functional outcomes scoring for physical and occupational therapies. This integration creates standardized reporting and reliable case mix change tracking which helps determine the appropriate level of treatment intensity and manages the CMS components of PDPM.

Struggling with how to manage case-mix and optimize outcomes under PDPM? We’re here to help!

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Care Management via


  • Establishes evidence-based protocol guides

  • Creates data diagnostics to optimize clinical care and discharge outcomes while managing costs within local referral networks

  • Produces community and resident outcome reporting aligned with Section GG functional outcomes scoring

  • Enhances discharge execution to appropriate levels of care

How it works.

Three Step Process

Set Goals

The Rehab Team assesses all Medicare A and Managed A patients on therapy caseload and establish individualized patient goals and current baseline upon admission.

Track Progress

During the course of treatment, therapists enter updates tracking the patient’s progress during therapy sessions. Tracking the patient’s progress, promotes safe transition from rehab to the patient’s home environment.


When updates are entered, registered users receive automated emails with a link to the system’s HIPAA compliant web portal allowing them to access the detailed reports and information in real-time.

Referral Sources

Our clients are utilizing RightTrack’s™ outcome reports, customized with their community’s logo and information to market their services to local referral sources identified through our partnership with Avalere  Vantage Care Positioning System. This collaboration is providing our clients with the innovative technology and powerful analytics to identify strategic opportunities in their markets to assist them in becoming the preferred provider with their local hospital and other referral sources.