RAC-CT® Certified

The Minimum Data Set (MDS) is the driving force in care planning, quality measures, survey process, and reimbursement in skilled nursing facilities. Having a solid understanding of the entire MDS item set is key to capturing the unique needs of each individual ensuring appropriate reimbursement. 


Meet Our Clinical and Reimbursement Experts

(RAC-CT®) certification is the distinguishing characteristic of an expert in resident assessment. AANAC’s RAC-CT program has long set the national standard for skilled nursing facility PPS and MDS education. More and more employers are requesting RAC-CT certified applicants in their job postings as it has become the mark of a professional who is committed to their career and residents.

Chris Geier

Director of Revenue Cycle

Karen Welsh

VP of Clinical and Reimbursement Excellence

Gina Elkins

Senior Director of Compliance & Regulatory Strategy

Verona Bair

Manager of Safety and Risk

Beth Dunn

Regional Vice President

Jennifer Callahan

Clinical Outcomes & Reimbursement Specialist

Sarah Sears

Quality Compliance Specialist, Peak Senior Living

Anita Wagner

Area Director of Operations

Carrie Boward

Area Director of Operations

Shelly Taylor

Area Director of Operations

Wanda Terrell

Documentation Compliance Coordinator

Terri Watts

Area Director of Operations


Vikas Prasad

Area Director of Operations

Marie Robb

Quality Compliance Specialist

Melissa Brandt

Clinical Outcomes & Reimbursement Specialist

Dani Beveridge

Clinical Program Specialist

Flora Muhammad

Clinical Outcomes Nurse Specialist