Our Expertise is Rehab

It’s time for a new approach to hospital rehab.

Functional Pathways’ hospital rehab services provide full-service therapy and management solutions that work with hospitals to help reduce operating expenses, grow outpatient services, and improve patient and physician satisfaction.

Our turn-key management solutions are backed by nearly 30 years of clinical excellence, leadership, and staffing expertise, as well as our proprietary software management system, Insight. Our innovative approach to hospital rehab leads to improved patient and provider outcomes.

We collaborate with your hospital’s Senior Executives to develop a strategic plan to drive growth in your hospital’s rehab department. Then we implement that plan and strive to deliver best-in-class care to your patients.

Get ready for a new way forward with hospital rehab.

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We’ve been providing quality rehab services for nearly three decades. Our service offerings in the hospital rehab space allow us to cover the entire healthcare continuum of care.

Our Playbook for Driving Growth

Our solutions help grow your hospital’s rehab department. We can transform your therapy operations through:

How We Implement Our Strategic Plan

To reach the growth goals of your hospital’s rehab department, we establish a strategic plan to:

Our partnerships are built on:

Successful Patient Outcomes

We help establish and monitor your rehab department's goals to ensure best-in-class quality care.

Rehab Staff Expertise

We've been doing therapy for nearly 30 years. Our team of clinical experts provide world-class support to our clients.

Financial Success

Our playbook to drive growth helps improve efficiency and reduces costs in your rehab department.

Patient and Physician Satisfaction

Our Insight software tracks physician referrals and satisfaction rates for physicians, nurses, and patients.

Full Service Hospital Rehab

We provide support from every level of our organization, which includes:

Our Comprehensive Rehab Assessment (CRA) helps measure the quality and compliance of your hospital’s therapy clinical operations. Our CRA provides a baseline of data and allows us to work with your hospital’s rehab department to create a custom set of goals to work towards and monitor.

Gain Greater Insight

Our proprietary software application, Insight, enhances the management of your hospital’s rehab department all in one place. There are five components of Insight that help us track the progress of your rehab department.

Insight captures and comprehends the Key Performance Indicators of your hospital’s rehab department to help better manage therapy resources, improve efficiencies, and deliver quality care to your patients.

Insight’s Financial Analysis tool uses AI-assisted forecasting and benchmarking to enhance strategic planning, make decision-making easier, and gives hospital stakeholders a better understanding of the rehab department’s financial impact.

Our clinical operations assessment establishes a baseline for quality and compliance for your hospital’s rehab department. Insight monitors specific metrics, helps improve performance, and aids in moving your department towards
best-in-class standards.

Insight provides real-time tracking & accountability for outcomes, staffing efficiency, & more strategic goals for your rehab department.

Insight collects and tracks physician referrals and overall satisfaction rates for physicians, nurses, and patients as well as conducts satisfaction surveys for each group.

Insight dashboard on laptop

Trust the therapy experts at Functional Pathways to manage your hospital’s rehab department. Reach out for more information or to schedule a quick 15-minute introduction.

Request more info on how we can help reduce expenses and drive growth in your hospital’s rehab department.

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