Hooray for Healthy Aging Month!

It’s Healthy Aging Month! From the day we are born, we are aging. People all around the country celebrate and honor this month by incorporating habits like exercise, eating healthy foods, and getting adequate sleep into their daily routines. It is also an opportunity to encourage others to stay active and take positive steps towards improving both physical and mental health.

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Risk Management

Healthy Kids, Healthy Parents

Ensure your kids stay healthy for the entire family to have a happy school year.  Their academic performance, as well as their relationships with other students and teachers, can

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Be Steady

The Key to Decreasing Resident Falls and Injuries in Assisted Living and Senior Living Communities

When falls and fall injuries decrease, it is easier for communities to thrive. As part of a comprehensive fall prevention program, communities should provide lectures, as well as fall prevention tips and tricks for seniors to reduce the risks of falls occurring. Regular fall assessments by trained clinicians and therapists can also help by identifying those residents most at risk and referring them to therapy or wellness to enhance balance and reduce risk.

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