About Functional Pathways

We’re celebrating 28 years of exceeding our client’s expectations through our Relationships, Outcomes, and Innovation.

As a private, therapist-owned organization with more than 28 years of experience in serving senior living communities, we have the flexibility to break the cookie cutter model offered by other providers and exceed our clients’ expectations.

We know our industry is constantly evolving, and we are committed to continually reinvest in enhancing our proprietary software systems and proven clinical processes that have positioned us to help clients succeed under the new Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM). As a result, our clients experience a powerful partnership beyond therapy and beyond expectations.

Our Uniques:

  • Client Partnership Strategy
  • RightTrack™
  • Core Clinical Pathways
  • PDPM Academy education and resources
  • Strategic marketing and positioning of our clients
  • Proprietary, electronic compliance chart auditing module
  • RN support services: Restorative, Reimbursement, and Risk Management
  • Program implementation supported by Clinical Outcomes Specialists
Functional Pathways Therapy Service Area

Leadership Team

Dan Knorr


Angel Knorr

Executive Vice President

Brad Carter

Executive Vice President

Traci McCullough

Executive Vice President & CFO

Christine West

Vice President of Human Resources

Travis Donaldson

Vice President of Operations

Kathryn Wyatt

Divisional Vice President of Peak Senior Living

Chris Sneed

Vice President of Business Development

Jennifer Losch

Vice President of Marketing & Communications

Josie White

Regional Vice President of Operations

Beth Dunn

Regional Vice President

Karen Welsh

Vice President of Clinical & Reimbursement Excellence


Advisory Board

Sherill Mason

William Southwick

David Bertani

Patric Wiesmann

Jon Sundock

Donald Knorr

One of the key reasons we partnered with Functional Pathways was the fact that our values of Reverence, Service, and Stewardship meshed so well with their core values of Relationships, Responsibility, Commitment, Passion, Self-Improvement, and Innovation. The FP employees who have been a part of our team for several years have demonstrated their commitment to their company values as well as ours by participating in quality improvement initiatives, professional celebration days, fundraising for charity care, and innovative and award winning resident care programs by representing a true partnership with our staff.
Executive Director, OH
Thank you so much for allowing me to attend your symposium. I found the symposium very informative and full of information that could be useful every day with our residents. The one thing that makes you all so different from other companies is your desire to teach your therapists treatments that are out of the normal ‘box.’ Therapy can be a fun part of a resident’s day and should be! I look forward to watching our therapists use some of the techniques that we learned in getting our residents back into their homes. FP Symposium Attendee
FP Symposium Attendee
Your team continues to impress me with their knowledge, follow-up, and the light in their eyes as they carry out your vision. You have an amazing organization. Thank you for your continued commitment to service, quality, and being a preferred member of our team. I appreciate you.
Administrator, TN
In one word, I would describe the Therapy Department as committed. The Therapy Department demonstrates commitment everyday to the residents of this community in the way they approach therapy. They individualize the treatments to meet the specific needs of the residents. It’s not uncommon to see them walking hand-in-hand comforting the residents. They truly treat them like family.
Administrator, TN
Your rehab staff is simply the most wonderful, caring, loving, and friendly bunch of folks I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I have learned so much through my son’s rehabilitation and have a genuine appreciation of what your company does and offers to the lives of the individuals they touch. You give more than just rehab, you provide people with a sense of purpose, of meaning, and of hope. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
Administrator, TN
We have enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Functional Pathways. I have had the privilege of working with their leadership in many buildings across multiple states. And, regardless of location, we have been able to grow our business. I believe this is due to their core values which are instilled in their employees and lived by each of them every day. Living those values has enriched the lives of our residents greatly.
Administrator, TN
Our Therapy Department – An extension of our “Family” here at our community mirroring our Mission – Providing compassionate, professional, and caring services to enhance the quality of life for our residents, clients, and co-workers. They are an invaluable group of professionals, proud in their profession, and committed to excellence. They join our co-workers effortlessly in enhancing and adding humor and fun in daily life here.
Administrator, TN