Traffic lights – whether you love them or hate them – help to control the flow of traffic. They tell you when it is your turn to GO, STOP, or use CAUTION. We all understand how they work, and they have been around since 1868! But what you may not be as familiar with is the Functional Pathways Traffic Lights!

What are they?

FP has a plethora of traffic light handouts to facilitate and guide residents on typical signs of their health conditions, such as Heart Disease, COPD, Stroke, and even COVID. The star of today’s show is the traffic lights for therapy services! 

Staying well is everyone’s priority, so utilizing these helpful tools can assist residents, families, and caregivers to thrive in place and avoid hospitalizations.

Green Means Go!

  • All is well – therapy services most likely are not needed.

Yellow – Time to Act!

  • Therapy might be helpful to ensure you are able to participate in your favorite activities with ease and prevent risk of a decline in function.

Red – STOP!

  • New onset of these symptoms could result in a hospital admission if the issue is not addressed. Contact your therapy team immediately.

Interested in learning more about all our resources that encourage health and wellness? – reach out to the therapy team at Functional Pathways or call 888-449-2212 to speak to a member of our team!