Did you know that outsourcing your rehab services can improve your clinical outcomes, reimbursement opportunities, and appeal win rate?

In a study led by Melissa Brown, COO of Gravity Healthcare Consulting, in-house therapy models “typically have lower patient outcomes and reimbursement, higher compliance risk, conflict of interest issues, a lack of accountability, inefficiencies and treatment inconsistencies and inflated wages.

So how can a Skilled Nursing Facility combat these issues? By outsourcing their rehab services to a true therapy partner.

According to a recent study by Black Book Market Research, 80% of SNFs that outsourced their rehab therapy reported service levels that “exceeded expectations.” Outsourcing allows SNFs to focus on their core functions while a therapy provider handles all the challenges of operating a rehab department. Partnering with the right therapy provider can lead to higher patient satisfaction rates, more quality outcomes, lower turnover rates, and higher appeal win rates.

Improved Quality of Care and Expertise

A true outsourced therapy partner does more than just staff your facility with qualified rehabilitative therapists. Outsourcing with the right partner can also provide clinical, reimbursement, and compliance support specialists with expert industry knowledge on the rapidly-changing rehab industry along with ongoing education and training to support your skilled nursing facility every step of the way.

A team of rehab-focused experts can help guide facilities through regular CMS regulation changes, MDS changes, and compliance demands. A fully invested partnership includes setting clinical and financial goals together and putting specific goals and benchmarks in place regularly to attain those goals, so there are no gaps in knowledge and no missing operational support.

Not only that, but outsourcing your therapy services can actually lead to improved patient outcomes and quality of care.

It’s a popular misconception that in-house rehab management allows for better control of services delivered, thus leading to better outcomes. But in the same Gravity-led study, facilities that switched to a contract therapy provider saw “resident outcomes and satisfaction had soared.”

Cost Savings and Increased Efficiency

Partnering with a contract therapy provider can actually lead to a reduction in expenses versus keeping therapy services in-house or management-only models.

In-house and management agreements have numerous hidden costs, especially when it comes to staffing and training. In the Gravity study, revenue for SNFs declined by 29.7% for management agreements and decreased by 44% for in-house models when compared to revenue with a contract rehab partner.

Additionally, SNF provider margins are often much greater with an outsourced therapy partner. The same study revealed SNF margins were the largest with contract therapy providers, with providers using management-only models seeing 60% less SNF margins and in-house models seeing a 71% decrease in SNF margins.

Choosing the Right Contract Therapy Provider

In short, partnering with a rehab provider allows SNFs to feel supported in a way that’s lacking when servicing rehab in-house.

Functional Pathways is all about exceeding expectations and providing world-class customer service as a nationwide contract therapy provider. We help our partner facilities achieve clinical and financial outcomes above and beyond industry averages. Our clinical and compliance teams provide regular training and education on MDS changes, QRP management, Casper reporting, audit risks, and more.

“The team Functional Pathways has developed at our organization has been simply outstanding,” said Scott A., Administrator at one of our partner facilities. “The team is second to none. The residents at our assisted living facility rave about the services they receive from the FP team.”

Our compliance and clinical teams have helped our partner facilities achieve a 100% appeal win rate for 14 consecutive quarters, dating back to 2020. Our partner facilities on average have increased their PDPM reimbursement opportunities by $24 PPD after outsourcing their therapy management to Functional Pathways, and 83% of our facilities are rated as 4- or 5-stars for Quality Measures.

If you want to improve your facility’s financial and clinical outcomes and want help making your facility a 5-star center of excellence, contact Functional Pathways today about outsourcing your rehab services.