Too much, too many, and I’m salty about it…

I know what you’re thinking — there is a lot to be salty about, so which thing could this be? Well for today, or at least this moment, I am salty about QM, QRP, APU, VBP, 5-star, iQies…I think I got most of them. 

So, quality measures — we have been operating in and around them for some time. It’s not new; there are new measures, but that is to be expected. I’m just newly salty. 

Are QRPs QMs? Are VBPs QMs? There are QMs that aren’t 5-stars, there are 5-stars that aren’t from QMs, there are measures that are QMs, QRPs, and VBPs all at once….Which of these costs dollars vs. stars? Why am I losing the opportunity to get 66% of the 2% back? And from where? Or is it from when? Can I get an Amen? 

It is a struggle to keep all of these things straight, know what measure pulls from where, when they start to collect data (performance year) vs. when that data results in actual reimbursement (or not) (payment year), when they quit collecting data, when they freeze and thaw data, and what is reported where and for what audience. I have created spreadsheets, I have shamelessly borrowed infographs others created, I have read countless manuals and change logs, technical reports, technical user guides, reports user manuals, and just when it seems it is all becoming clear and the light bulb is brightening, another thing comes along and the process starts all over again. 

It’s what our industry does — changes, updates, corrects, and changes some more. If you work in the healthcare industry, you become accustomed to it. We wait every year for the proposed rules, final rules, and updated manuals to come out so we can start deciphering what it all means so that we can train our partners, staff, and others how to best navigate the updates all the while still providing excellent care and trying to put the resident at the center of all things. 

We have help along the way — there is power in networking and the community of others trying to break the code and understand the same things, and for that I am truly grateful. Shout out to ADVION, NARA, AAPACN, and others who make the process at least digestible.

I know (think) the intent is good: to provide care to our post-acute population. And not just to provide care, but quality care, so that’s a good thing right? 

Yes, it is a lot;  yes, it makes my face hurt; and yes, I get salty about it. But I also guess if this was easy anyone could do it, and if anyone could do it, everyone would do it, and if that happened, who would be left to make sure anyone is doing it well? 

I digress, and I think I have all of these things straight for now:  in my head, on my spreadsheets, in my copious cliff notes and in my dreams…

If you, too, suffer from saltiness around QMs, QRPs, VBPs or other acronyms, reach out — we can help!! Send an email to and the team of clinical experts at Functional Pathways will be happy to assist.