Pain is something no one wants to endure. Any time we experience pain, we immediately look for ways to make it stop.

But what if we worked to prevent pain from happening, and used those same techniques to manage pain when it does inevitably rear its ugly head?

The goal of a comprehensive, holistic pain management program is to promote consistent participation in activities, exercise, and education to enhance quality of life. This concept merges both traditional western and eastern medicine principles. Western medicine traditionally views the mind and body as separate entities. Eastern medicine is an art that views the mind and body as one.

Many of us may have pain conditions that are not reversible. A comprehensive and holistic pain management program, such as our Pathways to Chi program, focuses on approaches that allow participants to increase their engagement in meaningful activities while managing their chronic conditions.

Chi is energy which provides human bodies with circulation, nutrition, and minerals needed to thrive. In traditional Chinese medicine, Chi is referred to as “life force” and a measurement of vitality. Integrating Chi into your routine can help you feel more alive, alert, and present. This, in turn, can help you overcome illness and pain, increase vibrancy, and enhance mental ability.

How to Find Your Inner Chi – massage, trigger point release, meditation, guided imagery, Yoga, Tai Chi, Ai Chi (water Tai Chi), are just a few of the ways to find your chi.

For more information on Pathways to Chi or how to use eastern medicine to help manage your pain and enhance vibrancy, contact the Functional Pathways Therapy Team!