If you missed Part 1 of our blog series, you can read the full post here. To recap, only the top 10% of skilled nursing facilities within a state receive a 5-star rating on the 5-Star Quality Rating System, and two-thirds of Functional Pathways’ clients have earned a 4- or 5-Star rating, with over 80% achieving a 4- or 5-Star rating for Quality Measures.

So, how does partnering with Functional Pathways make this kind of success possible?

Functional Pathways’ partnership with our clients leads to outcomes that are above industry standards through a combination of a tactical screening process, utilization of QM and MDS analytical software, and evidenced-based clinical programming. Our processes lead to decreased negative survey outcomes and positive census development data.

Why is this important? Because the Quality Rating System is used not only by consumers, but also by health care insurers and others.

According to the American Health Care Association and the National Center for Assisted Living, the Quality Rating System is used by a number of users in addition to the traditional consumer, like health care insurers, investors, and state regulators. This highlights the importance of a 4- or 5-star rating, because they are used to determine reimbursements, loans, and payments.

A better rating not only means families and patients are more likely to choose your community, but it means your facility is less likely to face penalties and more likely to be successful financially.

CMS is continuing to raise the bar for quality measures, with threshold updates every 6 months. This makes it imperative for every facility to be in a constant state of improvement with their outcomes. Even facilities that currently have a 5-star rating cannot rest on their laurels; they must continue to seek out improvement and not grow stagnant in their operations.

With a strong collaboration between facility and therapy teams, achieving and exceeding those thresholds is not only attainable with Functional Pathways, but also sustainable.

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