Does your therapy provider help drive your Quality Measure Rating to 5-Star success? As the SNF and LTC industry moves away from fee-for-service and embraces value-based care, understanding how to achieve positive outcomes has never been more important. At Functional Pathways, our process of analyzing and improving Quality Measure performance has enhanced the clinical outcomes for our patients and clients.

Our facilities are better than the national averages in many reportable outcomes, and over three-fourths of our partner facilities are rated as 4- or 5-Stars for Quality Measures. Some of our results include:

  • 83% of FP clients are 4- or 5-Stars for Quality Measures
  • 65% of FP clients are 4- or 5-Star communities
  • FP clients as a whole are 19% better than the national average in patient mobility improvement
  • FP re-hospitalization average is 10% below national average
  • Over 70% of clients have lower than national average for Falls with Major Injury

But what’s so important about being a 4- or 5-Star facility? Let’s take a look at what it means to achieve that designation in part one of this blog series, and part two will explore why FP clients are exceeding expectations.

The 5-Star Quality Rating System was created to compare nursing home quality based on health inspections, quality measures (QMs), and staffing. Health inspection ratings are dependent on the calculation of points extracted from results of nursing home surveys from the past three years, with recent surveys weighing more heavily in the calculation. Those results are used to rank nursing homes within their state, and the top 10% of those nursing homes get 5-star ratings.

Additionally, quality measure ratings are calculated based on a nursing home’s performance in long-stay ADL decline, mobility decline, catheter, high-risk pressure ulcers, physical restraints, urinary tract infections, moderate to severe pain, and short-stay pressure ulcers, and moderate to severe pain- delirium. “ADL decline” and “mobility decline” are ranked against other nursing homes in the state, and the other 8 quality measures are ranked against other nursing homes in the nation, with the top 10% of nursing homes receiving 5 stars.

Only the best facilities receive a 5-star rating, and only very successful facilities are even able to achieve a 4-star rating.

At Functional Pathways, we provide the resources and support necessary to make your community a center of excellence. Two-thirds of our clients rank among the best nursing homes in the nation according to the Quality Rating System, and we can help your community be next.

Schedule an appointment with us today to learn how we can help your facility exceed expectations.