It’s a New Year! That means another opportunity to make healthy changes to your lifestyle. Set yourself up for success in 2023!

There are all sorts of resolutions you can make and goals you can set, but what if you simply aspired to be healthier this year? This month’s blog talks about the dimensions of wellness and how to incorporate them into your daily routine. Let’s looks at five simple steps (and their corresponding dimension!) you can do to help steer you towards (or keep you rolling on) the road to a healthier lifestyle.

  1. Have a primary care physician (Physical Wellness). Annual visits to a primary care physician are important because they are intended to detect disease early. If you haven’t done so already, make sure you schedule your appointment!  
  2. Socialize (Social Wellness). We are social creatures! Being social, in whatever way we are most comfortable, helps to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as improve mental functioning. This can help guard against depression, heart disease, and dementia.
  3. Rest and recover (Emotional/Physical Wellness). We all know how important it is to get a good nights’ rest. In addition to that, make sure you are taking some time to unwind and relax throughout the day. Maybe that means taking a walking break during lunch, listening to your favorite podcast during your drive home, or taking 15 minutes to meditate in the mornings.
  4. Give your brain a boost (Intellectual Wellness). Many of us spend too much time in front of the television and doing things that aren’t intellectually stimulating. Make it a point to add things to your routine that challenge your brain, like painting, solving puzzles, or even enroll in a college course!
  5. Find purpose (Vocational Wellness). What are your passions? Maybe you are passionate about your work, but maybe something else gives you purpose in life. Consider volunteering or tutoring to utilize your skills and passions to help others.

Making huge life changes can be hard, and many times doing so can set us up for failure. Those big changes can be too much of a shift from what we are used to, and we revert to our old habits. So instead, try making small changes, like the ones listed above, to take steps to living a healthier and more well-rounded lifestyle!