Functional Pathways utilizes a secure, automated employment and income verification service called Vault Verify so all employees can verify their employment and income. Vault Verify helps ensure our verification process remains consistent, secure, and easily managed. The Vault Verify service includes a pre-screening process of each requester to ensure that only authorized parties who have permissible purpose to obtain verification can do so.

There are several features on Vault Verify that our employees can use to safely verify info.

Vault Verify’s Employee Portal allows employees to securely view their employment and income verification report online, create an employment letter, or view a list of verifiers who have received verification of their employment over the course of the prior year.

Employees seeking to verify their employment or income should receive their info quickly and efficiently thanks to Vault Verify’s automated verification process.

If you have any questions about what Vault Verify is, how it works, or how to access it, please follow the links below to an FAQ, instructions for first-time verifiers, and an overview of the Vault Verify Employee Portal.

Vault Verify FAQ

Instructions for First-Time Verifiers

Overview of Vault Verify Employee Portal

Vault Verify Website