Every New Year, we start thinking about all the resolutions we have for the year ahead.  Typically, they include absolutes, such as self-denial commitments like eliminating items from your diet or adding excessive exercise routines seeking physical fitness.

We all endured a difficult year and are ready to embrace a new lifestyle in 2021 that is more balanced and forgiving. That new lifestyle is Lagom.

Lagom, a Swedish concept of “just enough,” is an idea that embraces a middle ground in life so our happiness comes not from having not too much or too little, but from achieving balance in everyday life.

Consider the New Year’s resolution of 2021 as finding a state of being that is just right and more centered, slower and uncomplicated; a mindset of calm and peace and environmental responsibility.

Ways of incorporating Lagom to your everyday life:

  • Start your day with a slow morning swim or similar activity.
  • Eat healthy, seasonal dishes with sustainable ingredients. Appreciate and enjoy your meals, and do not over-indulge.
  • Add a weekly nature walk on a quiet trail and pay attention to the smells and sounds.
  • Take short breaks at work to practice deep breathing.
  • Maintain relationships, catch-up with a friend, or enjoy the exchange of ideas. Try not to dominate a conversation, but rather, allow equal conversation and really listen with intent and reflect before you respond; allow silent moments.
  • Perform unexpected acts of kindness, send a card, or bake for a friend.
  • Clean out your closets and keep just enough of what you really use. Consider donating the excess.
  • Balance use of mobile phone, social media, and computers.
  • Reduce clutter by only keeping items you really use.
  • Decide to give out five heartfelt compliments in a day.
  • Send a handwritten note to a friend or co-worker.

Adding Lagom to your life is about recalibrating priorities and allowing time for more important things.

Find your balance and have a happy 2021! After all, Lagom can be contagious, like a virus, but in a good way!