Wellness is no longer all about physical fitness. COVID-19 restrictions have taken us out of the gyms and into a new discovery of what Wellness really means. We are now discovering the importance of mental fitness and how it interacts with physical fitness leading to overall wellbeing, happiness, and health.  This is the true meaning of being “well.”

Think of the new Wellness as a journey that embraces all the dimensions of health in synchrony.  These dimensions include physical, emotional, social, vocational, environmental, spiritual, and intellectual wellness. When all dimensional needs are met, a person can live life to their truest potential.

We may find ourselves or others to be in a different place with each dimension.  Some people may have mastered the physical fitness and staying active, but struggle making connections and having a sense of belonging.

How do we move along the Wellness journey? How do we help others move along the Wellness journey?

We need to identify the benefits of each of our daily routines, be fully engaged in the present and appreciate the experience.  So, a walk around the neighborhood is not just about the physical exercise, but it also includes the benefits of breathing fresh air, the benefits of socializing with neighbors along the way, and appreciating the connection to nature that we identify in our path to help us shed stress and relax.

How do we help those we serve embrace this new Wellness mindset?

  • Ask the person to identify the purpose of a routine or activity and find its’ Wellness benefits
  • Help the person verbalize their feelings during and after an activity focusing on the positive
  • Create opportunities for people to participate in activities where they can share a common goal
  • Engage in new learning – this could be a new hobby that requires collaboration with others

Our Functional Pathways’ teams are embracing the opportunity to create a Wellness culture in the communities we serve every day.