Many seniors experience loneliness during the holidays, but this year loneliness will affect seniors, caregivers, and co-workers markedly worse than ever before. We have endured many months of isolation and limited access and gatherings with family, friends, and co-workers.

During this holiday season, it is important we show our patients, caregivers, families, and co-workers that we care and extend a hand to combat loneliness.

Some useful tips include:

  • Send a greeting card to your patients and others around you
  • Plan “together” activities via virtual means, such as singing carols together
  • Listen to faith-based televised programs
  • Volunteer to help Activity Directors plan safe gatherings in your community
  • Try learning a new skill with others via YouTube and discuss what you have learned with other participants
  • Decorate patients’ rooms with holiday items and family photos
  • Take time to listen to patients’ holiday stories and traditions
  • Share with patients your own holiday stories and traditions
  • Share holiday cookies with your patients
  • Plan holiday activities at work to celebrate with your co-workers

This holiday season will be more challenging for many people, but more so for our patients that are required to isolate and may have limited contact with loved ones.  Our teams at Functional Pathways are ready to help combat loneliness and make new memories with our patients. 

Happy Holidays to All!