Online, texting and phone scams are at an all time high during our current pandemic.  Scammers are using the fear and unrest to prey on people vulnerabilities and hopes.  Below are links to the FCC with information and ways to protect you and your family during this time     

Robocall Scams

Phone scammers are using robo calls to not only inform you of your car’s expiring warranty but also to offer you free home testing kits, vaccines, cures and financial relief.  Don’t fall for these scams.

Contact Tracing Scams

Many states use text messaging for their initial contact tracing outreach.  Scammers will mimic those text messages but they will contain a link to websites that request social security and/or insurance information as well as payments for testing.  Long story short, do not click on a link in a text message from an unknown sender.

Text Scams


Scammers can use links in text messages to install malicious code on your phone or launch a phony webpage to collect personal, health insurance, or financial information for use in other scams. COVID-19 text message scams offer cures, warnings about the need for a test, or “special offers.” Do not click on links in texts related to the virus, and check cdc.gov/coronavirus for the most current information.