To All Employees:

Time and time again, crisis, although fearful, also pulls people together. I can’t tell you how proud I am of the FP family and the collective response to the Covid-19 virus. The stories that we are hearing from the facilities about the extraordinary efforts by therapists to continue to take care of our residents, keep them safe and comfort them are all very remarkable.

I wanted to take time to connect again today during these unprecedented times as we deal with Covid-19 in the United States and across the globe.  All of us are learning and changing our practices day by day as we gain more information and direction.  We, at Functional Pathways,  continue to be committed to our staff and our client partners in assuring we continue to provide excellent care to the most vulnerable population in our country.  Our hearts go out to residents unable to receive visitors, dine with others and attend group activities and outings.  I know that you all are pivotal in providing needed therapeutic intervention to these residents and so appreciate all of your hard work and continued dedication. Many are able to work from home, but those of us in healthcare are on the front lines and must continue to go into work and do what we do every day.

Your safety and wellbeing is of great importance to us.  We continue to closely monitor the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines as well as state and federal government resources. Our Senior Leadership is meeting daily to review new information, trends and concerns related to Covid-19.  We assure you that we are on top of any changes that may occur and any preparation we may need to make.  We continue to develop resources, provide education and communication to you and to our clients and are committed to doing so until we weather this storm.

Our patients and clients have placed their trust in us and we will continue to exceed expectations during this trying time.  You can help by following strict handwashing guidelines and Universal precautions. Limit your social outings and if you are sick with obvious upper respiratory symptoms – coughing, sneezing, a fever of 100F or greater, shortness of breath, please stay home.

In closing, I personally extend my thanks to each of you for your dedication in providing essential Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy to our residents. Your commitment to your profession, our patients and our client partners is pivotal in this fight against Covid-19.

Sincerely yours,

Dan Knorr, President