Did you get a new phone, watch, or iPad/tablet?  Did you bring it with you to work and want to connect it to the Wi-Fi, but no one is giving you the password?   Well, there is a reason for that.

Your device that connects to the internet is called an IOT (internet of things) device, which is any device that connects to the internet.  They range from toys, entertainment systems, watches, laptops, cells, tablets, and kitchen appliances to name a few.  Since these devices connect to the internet, they can also pose a security risk that many people are unaware of.


Here are some basic tips to keep you safe:

Do not connect to a public Wi-Fi

  • It is not secure and hackers can easily steal your information and see everything you are doing


Do not connect to a work network unless permission is granted or they have a separate Wi-Fi for employee personal devices

  • Just like with public WI-FI, work networks can see everything you do as well
  • Your device can bring malware and viruses that can spread over the network


Check for updates: You do not know how long the device has been in the box and how many security updates have come out since the device was made

  • Extremely important for cell phones, tablets, and laptops

Change the default password to access settings of the device

  • Main route for hackers to gain access to your network and everything connected to it
  • If connected to a work network, that can cause a catastrophic disaster

If switching to a new device, update, and back-up the old device before setting up the replacement device

Do not forget to “Factory Reset” any device before trading it in or disposing of it

Here are some videos providing further explanation:

Explanation of Internet Of Things


Mobile Security


Wifi Security


Password Security