Alternating Kicks

 Goal:  To stretch your thighs and strengthen your hamstrings.        

 Benefits:  During the winter months, we tend to sit more than we should.  Weather outside makes it difficult to walk and loosen up.  However, during a commercial or when your knees and thighs feel tight, this exercise can help.  Doing this activity promotes flexibility in the knees and activates your hamstrings. This will also, help with balance.   

To do: Stand at a chair or counter top where you have some support.  Start slowly bending at the knees as if you were trying to kick yourself in the buttock.  At first you will feel tight and stretching in the thighs, you may also feel your hamstrings starting to work.  This is good, continue slowly as your muscles begin to loosen up.  You can do this activity a few times a day.  

This information is not intended to take the place of any advice given to you by your healthcare professional(s). If you experience chronic lower back pain or other physical pain, please consult with you physician or medical professional.  There may be other underlying issues that should be evaluated prior to exercise.  

Kaleb Roudabush
Wellness Coordinator