Goal: To get you outside and enjoying spring weather!     

Benefits: There are many benefits to walking.  Walking is not only good for heart health but also good for boosting immunity.  Walking will help maintain your strength and endurance which can help you bounce back from an event of being sick.  Walking can be done anytime of the day either by yourself or with others.  Walking the hall is another great way to stay active during inclement weather.  Contrary to popular belief, walking can ease arthritic aches and pains.  Just try doing short trips to see what feels best for you, in time you will build stamina and be more able to walk longer distances.  

To do: First off, you want to start of with a comfortable pair of sneakers.  Yes, there are other types of shoes such as toe shoes and bare foot shoes, however if this is your first time starting a walking program; I would recommend looking into a quality pair of shoes fitted for your foot.  Someone who specializes in understanding gait can set you up with the right pair of shoes to decrease risk of injury.   Once fitted, pick a distance and time yourself.  Once you decrease time, increase the distance and repeat.  As your pace increases, your cardiovascular system and body’s ability to utilize oxygen is improving!  Nothing beats a healthy heart!!!     

This information is not intended to take the place of any advice given to you by your healthcare professional(s). If you experience chronic lower back pain or other physical pain, please consult with you physician or medical professional.  There may be other underlying issues that should be evaluated prior to exercise.

Kaleb Roudabush
Wellness Coordinator