Do you remember when your light bulb starting to shine … the moment your life’s direction was aligned with the field of occupational therapy? 

For many clinicians, their career choice was based on a specific event, individual or experience which opened their eyes to this exciting and emerging field of health care. Many people knew they wanted to work with people.  OT allowed the diversity to use activities as a key component of achieving goals. A field that encourages creativity and allows you to do what you love.

For others, exposure to the field was through the OT care provided to themselves or a loved one.  Many people link their interest to a challenging situation – a grandfather who suffered a stroke, a younger sibling with cerebral palsy, a friend injured in an accident. Seeing the holistic and functional approach providing by OT was the key to a career path.

Becoming an occupational therapist will not only change your life; it will make a positive impact on the lives of others.  According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, occupational therapy is one of the fastest growing careers and is almost recession proof.  The opportunity to enhance the quality of another person’s life is one of the best parts of our profession.

As you go through your work day, do you share your love of your profession? Do you tell your clients why you chose to become a rehabilitation professional?  Do you take home special memories of making a difference in the lives of those you treat?  Take a minute to remember why you are working within the field of occupational therapy. You are unique, special and important.

Beth Reigart
Clinical Operations Specialist