Goal: To stretch the latissimus dorsi muscle, quadratus lumborum and other para spinal muscles that aid in lateral flexion of the trunk. Make overhead reaching easier.

Benefits: Tight muscles that run along the sides of our bodies can lead to back and shoulder pain. This is a great stretch for the shoulders, for which it benefits overhead reaching.  Lateral bending also helps stretch the muscles of the lower back reducing back tightness.  If you are somebody that experiences disc issues, spinal stenosis or even facet irritation; this exercise is much safer being performed with up right posture and gentle pain free movement.

To do: Sit tall on a chair or edge of bed.  Gently begin to bend at your waist to the right of your body.  If you do not have shoulder problems, proceed to reach overhead with your left arm to feel a nice stretch on the entire left side of your body. Repeat on the other side. This stretch is best between 5 to 10 repetitions both morning and evening.

This information is not intended to take the place of any advice given to you by your healthcare professional(s). If you experience chronic lower back pain or other physical pain, please consult with you physician or medical professional.  There may be other underlying issues that should be evaluated prior to exercise.

Kaleb Roudabush
Wellness Coordinator