“I feel better prepared to get started on educating my building for PDPM”

“The relationship between PDPM and reducing rehospitalization rates finally clicked for me during the training.” 

“It was evident that (the facilitators) all spent MANY hours preparing to make this transition easier and understandable for all of us.”

January 2019 kicked off Functional Pathways’ PDPM Academy launch and the past few weeks have been filled with various activities.  A key component of the Academy’s launch has been four separate onsite PDPM Intensive Training sessions.  The quotes above are from session attendees. These sessions required significant prework in PDPM Fundamentals and Section GG Certification for all Directors.  Sessions included roughly 160 Directors of Rehab from all FP client locations, plus Business Development, Clinical, Compliance, and Executive staff around the country. Sessions  were held in Knoxville, TN, Greenville, SC, Columbus, OH, and Philadelphia, PA. 


After attending PDPM Intensive training, almost 95% of survey respondents agreed that they felt better prepared to speak with their clients about PDPM and what the conversion would mean for them.  One respondent left with some action to take, saying, “I see some deficits in some of our systems that I look forward to working with the PDPM Team to adjust as we approach 10/1/2019.


Facilitators included Gina Tomcsik, Director of Compliance and Regulatory Strategy, Matt Schorner, Director of Data and Clinical Strategies, and Beth Reigart, Clinical Operations Specialist.  They covered key topics such as SNF Quality Reporting, Value-Based Purchasing, ICD-10 Coding, and how to use RightTrack™ to manage outcomes and key sections of the MDS.  All three facilitators received glowing feedback and were commended for their professional content development and delivery.  One attendee appreciated their outlook, I liked that they were upbeat and positive toward the changes to come.  I feel that I can present the information to the Therapy Team in a positive light.”


Providing positive outcomes for our patients will remain the focus of all our efforts as we convert to PDPM.  The partnership between our employees and our clients will ensure that objective.  The PDPM Intensive Training sessions provided perspective to our teams and according to one participant, It feels good to know that I am part of a real “work family” that makes sure everyone is successful!”

If you have questions related to Functional Pathways’ PDPM initiative, please send your question to pdpm@fprehab.com.


Kellie Buchanan
Director of Education and Research