Goal:  To strengthen the tibialis anterior or the muscle in front of the shin.       

Benefits:  All muscles in the body have to be balanced.  Some stronger and some weaker in order for our joints to work efficiently without much risk for injury.  Strengthening the shin muscle helps reduce risk of ankle and tendon injury.  It also helps improve ground clearance while walking so you don’t trip.  Ankle exercises help with venous return, which means improving blood flow back to your heart!


To do: Sitting in a chair or standing with your back against the wall, you will begin to raise your TOES (not heels) off the ground. Sitting is the best way to start then progress to leaning with your back on the wall.  Do 2-3 sets of 10-20 repetitions.  *Do not do so many repetitions that your shins become painful or inflamed! Start with lower repetitions and build.  The goal is to reach 20 repetitions.  This muscle is used to high volume of activity for it works every time you take a step. So building up to 20 repetitions will help improve stamina in your ankles and shin.


This information is not intended to take the place of any advice given to you by your healthcare professional(s). If you experience chronic lower back pain or other physical pain, please consult with you physician or medical professional.  There may be other underlying issues that should be evaluated prior to exercise.

Kaleb Roudabush
Wellness Coordinator