The Payment Driven Payment Model (PDPM) is demanding our full attention. It will drive an epic change in focus from quantity to quality of care.  Functional Pathways has created a PDPM Academy along with the launch of Medbridge to optimize our strategic initiatives to meet the challenges of healthcare reform. 

 “Minute management” is going away … how can we function without the tight structure of a RUG? Billable versus non-billable evaluation and treatment minutes on Day 1 will no longer be a part of our world.  We are now in a position to revisit why we selected therapy as our career path.  The quality of the care you provide has a direct link to the quality of life for your residents.  How can we align our personal values with our daily practice?

One of the key metrics to success is addressing the way we approach patient care.  We know the residents in need of skilled services in a nursing home are medically complex and fragile.  Multiple  conditions and comorbidities, cognitive impairments and limited caregiver resources can impact our clinical outcomes.  How can ensure we give residents our best every day?

Life is moving at fast pace … how many times do stop to consider how we can enhance our professional growth and satisfaction?  Lifelong learning is a philosophy which can allow us  to embrace each day with a sense of curiosity and vulnerability. No one knows it all … let’s open our minds to learning something new every day (or at least once in a while).

ICD-10 coding provides the foundation for our care.  Do we really understand the way COPD or chronic heart conditions impact  the resident?  Can we learn more about the diagnoses which are scientifically linked to risk re-hospitalizations? More importantly, can we include patient/caregiver education on medical conditions as a component of our care plans?  Research has shown the learning retention rates are higher through demonstration, discussion, practice by doing and teaching others.  Lectures and reading have the lowest rates.  Can you use the new resources in Medbridge to optimize your learning and help you be a better clinician?  Patient education and home exercise programs are now readily available for your use. Let’s promote lifelong learning for everyone.

 “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

Benjamin Franklin


Beth Reigart
Clinical Operations Specialist