Functional Pathways is excited to announce full electronic integration of RightTrack™ with Optima. RightTrack™ is Functional Pathways’ innovative, proprietary outcome software program. This live integration will allow for process standardization to improve the accuracy of reporting and tracking of clinical outcomes.   As we prepare for the upcoming Payment Driven Payment Model (PDPM) implementation on October 1, 2019, RightTrack™ will serve as a critical component to successful   collaborative with our client partners.  The item set in RightTrack™ will be aligned with those in Section GG.

Section GG on the Minimal Data Set (MDS) will become an essential link to the PDPM process. Designed to track patient functional improvements during the skilled nursing stay, the items in Section GG will be determined at the time of admission (initial 5-day MDS) and discharge (discharge MDS). Therapy clinicians will now entered Section GG updates in the daily clinical documentation for Medicare A and Managed A residents.  The real-time updates will enhance the engagement of the patient and family to optimize their rehabilitation experience. It will also serve to guide the interdisciplinary team for optimal discharge planning and coordination of care to the next level providers.

As we move into the new payment model, it will be critical to use evidence-based nursing and therapy protocols as a guide for optimal patient care.  Collaboration using these protocols will enhance functional outcomes which will be monitored by the new RightTrack™ system. The live reporting data will serve as link for data diagnostics, clinical care, quality measures, outcomes and costs.  Functional Pathways continues to be a leader in the field for innovation as reflected in the newest upgrade to our RightTrack™ system.

Section GG Item Set Linked to RightTrack™section-gg-rightrack

Beth Reigart
Clinical Operations Specialist