This blog is a 2 for 1 special.  There has been a HIPAA Fine for $4,300,000.00 (yeah that’s a lot of 0’s), and a data breach that affects for lack of a better word, everybody (it makes us fond of the days of Equifax breaches).   Check out the information below and click on the links under TIPS to Protect Yourself for a video on how to protect yourself from digital scams and ways to prevent HIPAA violations.

HIPAA Breach-

Long Story Short –

A laptop and 2 flash drives were lost, and they got slapped with a 4.3 million dollar fine.

The Take Away –

Encrypt Encrypt Encrypt everything and do not post passwords/encryption keys on devices (it negates the protection).

Data Leak-


Long Story Short –

Database containing 3.5 billion consumer, business and digital records, including “demographic, geographic, firmographic, lifestyle, interests, CPG, automotive, and behavioral data was dumped onto a public server for the world to see.  It has since been removed.

The Take Away –

While Social Security and Credit Card numbers were not included in the data, it does contain other information that could be used to spoof or hack your information.  Hackers and scammers could create more creditable looking scams using your information and obtain the missing information they want directly from you.

TIPS to Protect Yourself

Protecting yourself from digital scams



Top ten HIPAA Violations and how to prevent them Part 1



Top ten HIPAA violations and how to prevent them Part 2


Joei Morton
Director of IT, Security Officer