Leaders and staff from the National Association for the Support of Long Term Care (NASL) have been working with APTA, AOTA, and ASHA to develop resource materials for therapists regarding accurate information about Medicare billing and best practices in the long term care setting.

On September 29, 2016, the NASL was extremely proud of the joint venture work that has been completed and sent a communication to their membership announcing that the four associations “have collaborated on a consensus document that seeks to educate clinicians about steps to follow to resolve compliance questions”. These are short documents that outline the pathway for a clinician if they have questions. To view, please click this link for the AOTA-APTA-ASHA-NASL Compliance Reporting Document.

AOTA-APTA-ASHA has also developed a consensus statement on clinical judgment document for therapist guidance. These documents support a united front between the associations to avoid confusion and/or contrary information between the therapy associations.

The NASL also stated that they will continue working on other components of the work plan, which includes a list of “Medicare Myths” which will provide “accurate payment, coverage, documentation, and other policies that are confusing or easily misunderstood”.