How we cope with change can provide a good picture about the confidence we have in ourselves and our ability to care for others. Functional Pathways employees are in a unique position to embrace change and make it a functional part of our daily schedules, as we must, in order to succeed. Daily, we are challenged with providing care to individuals who are experiencing significant life style changes in the way of illness, disability, function and social/economic status.  How can we help others going through these episodes in life if we are unable to cope ourselves? The health care industry continues to struggle with legislative and fiscal/business changes that can be frustrating and time consuming.

These changes have the potential to negatively impact care and the personal lives of caregivers since the demand for detail has risen, i.e. documentation, complicated software, new roles, outcomes tracking, productivity, just to name a few. While these changes certainly create a challenge for the therapy team, they are not insurmountable. The ability to remain positive, flexible and think outside the box is crucial to success!

Coping with change requires proactively seeking a way to be a part of the solution, instead of reacting to, and avoiding, the change.


  • Be a proactive learner – don’t wait for someone to “teach” you, seek training for yourself, using whatever resource is available to you
  • Seek new ways of accomplishing your job role, ask for guidance/strategies
  • Look for the “best” communication tools to enhance your role
  • Remain professional and communicate kindly
  • Follow up with personal requests that you may have regarding your needs in accomplishing your goals —– remember, we are all trying to cope with change
  • REFUSE to have a victim mentality
  • Be accountable for your own actions, schedule, having your needs met
  • Schedule and plan personal time to enjoy your life, family, loved ones – we all need to reboot – balance is so important
  • Practice silent meditation and good breathing techniques if you feel you are becoming stressed and getting close to that breaking point!!
  • If all else fails have a silent mantra, song or quote as your “go to” should you need it……………….I know mine is “She’s a Brick House”, hee hee, for when I need to feel particularly strongJ


Hang in there; caregivers are special people and therapists among the best!!

Cherie Rowell

Corporate Quality Liaison