True leisure can be refreshing, stimulating, and fulfilling; can decrease stress, increase feelings of well-being, add balance to life and improve health.


Characteristics of Leisure Activities:

·         Freedom of choice: The person freely chooses the activity

·         Sense of control: The person feels in charge during the activity

·         Sense of enjoyment: The activity evokes pleasurable feelings

·         Timelessness: Time seems to fly by while engaged in the activity

·         Sense of competence: The person feels a sense of proficiency and accomplishment

·         Spontaneity: The person could participate in the activity on the spur of the moment.

·         Intrinsic satisfaction: The person feels a sense of doing something worthwhile

·         Companionship: A sense of camaraderie and friendship is experienced

·         Lack of external judgment: The person’s performance is not evaluated by others

Explore past leisure pursuits and hobbies.

Melissa Ward

Director of Clinical Services