When people change, everything has the potential to change.  Would you agree?  This is Commandment #6 of the “Ten Commandments of Client Retention” and we’re talking about this a lot at Functional Pathways.  As we formalize our Client Partnership Strategy, we’re focused on understanding our client relationships and identifying areas where those could be made deeper and wider. 

But what if we squinted our eyes and tilted our head and looked at that phrase a little differently?  What if, instead of looking at it as a threat or a risk, we looked at it as a promise?  What if we used it to give us confidence that things can always be better and the changes that happen within a person have the potential to change everything about their approach to the world? 

If we look at it that way, then we can begin to ask ourselves more about how we can change our clients’ perceptions and strengthen trust instead of worry about external changes over which we have little control.  Establishing that trust begins with some very simple ideas:


  • There’s no such thing as over-communicating – Your client depends on you to keep them informed.  Figure out the right frequency and content.  Don’t guess, ask them what they expect.  Then, do it.


  • Be consistent – In your communications, the service you provide and your personal presentation.  Your client needs to know what to expect when they work with you.  Let them know they can expect excellence.


  • Show the client that you could learn a thing or two – No one likes a know-it-all and everyone appreciates a person who is willing to ask questions.  Show them you’re interested in what they do.


  • Always work with an eye toward the long-term – If the client knows that you’re in this as a partner, their trust level multiplies.  Let them know through your actions that they can count on you, especially when things aren’t going so well – and that you will be the first to congratulate them when they reach their goals!



How have you cultivated trust with your clients?  I would love to hear what you would add to our list.  You can send your suggestions to kbuchanan@fprehab.com.


Kellie Buchanan

VP of Client Retention