How often do we hear these words in the course of our work day? Hopefully not so much if the focus is truly on quality of life, improved care outcomes and a team approach to providing daily support to residents living on our campuses.

Our old segmented way of thinking must be discarded if we are to succeed clinically and survive financially in this new era of quality driven medical care. Outcomes focused results will be driving therapy reimbursement in the very near future if not already driving it in some markets. Achievement of optimal outcomes requires a team approach and is never driven by one discipline alone.

In this ever changing long term care environment therapy professionals work in, we need to remember that it is important to recognize that we are all spokes on the same wheel. When a team member takes the stance that “it’s not my job”, it can have a negative impact on the resident, the environment, the team and the therapy company. It is not us vs. them……………we are all on the same team!

Cherie Rowell

Quality Liaison