deltaSome may not realize what the symbol in the title means. Those of you who may have been a part of a fraternity in college, studied Greek or have a strong background in mathematics may recognize this title and symbol like its apart of everyday language. For those that do understand its meaning and how it affects everyday activities, also understand its significance. This Greek symbol simply means change. When it comes to change, it is very foreign for most people and frequently rejected.

Often times change is what really makes us who we are; it is what makes us stronger and better. Anyone in the fitness, wellness or health coaching business knows the best accomplishment is to help someone change for the better. Today, the word change doesn’t appeal to many. With changes in our health care, government, society, environment and our personal selves, many feel that bad things follow change. However, this can be further from the truth.

It has been said that it takes 90 days to form a new habit. I want to challenge you to make a change. Grab a pen and paper; write down things you wish you could change.  Don’t stare at the list or be overcome with fear! This is month 4 of the New Year and spring certainly underway! You may be destined to live to a 100 and there will be a good reason for it, however, waiting for it is not a part of the reason! Get up and go, be a part of the nonagenarians, prove to others you are a great resource as every one of you is! Set examples for others to follow, mentor them if you have to, whether young or old. Remember change – if there is no struggle, there is no progress! The Greek symbol delta is not used just because it looks like a triangle, it’s used because it has helped changed the world we live in today! Maybe someday I will use your name because of your contribution to some major influence in our society today!