Benefits of incorporating music into treatment:

  • Stimulate seemingly lost memories
  • May help restore some cognitive function
  • Stimulates dormant areas of the brain

Why music works:

  • It is a core brain function – early in development the brain is primed to respond to and process music; the response persists even in late stage dementia.
  • Bodies entrain to rhythm – entrainment is the relationship between external rhythms and inner rhythms allowing our bodies to move to rhythm without thinking about it or even trying.  Example, dancing or walking to a beat.
  • Physiological response – heart rate may increase / decrease, breathing can quicken, feel a shiver, etc. This response is how we can stimulate someone in a coma or help an agitated resident relax.
  • Taps into our emotions – can stimulate memories (happy, sad). Example, hearing a certain song makes you smile.
  • Improves attention skills – music can grab and hold our attention. Think of a time you may have been walking and passed by a street band or performer, did you ever just find yourself stopping and listening? This phenomenon makes music an effective tool when working on attention or impulse control.
  • Shared neural circuits with speech – music shares the same circuit of listening to and expressing speech; therefore, the use of music can be utilized to help a client re-learn how to talk.
  • Tap into memories – music is second only to smell for its ability to stimulate our memory in a very powerful way and can be used to stimulate someone with dementia to recall and reminisce about their life.
  • Music is a social experience – music is often shared with a group – playing in a band, listening at a jazz club, singing in church. This is why music is easy to facilitate in a group – it is natural!
  • Is non-invasive, safe, and motivating – most people enjoy music – it’s why it works so well!

SingFit app:

  • Cognitive and physical stimulation program especially for seniors
  • 4 areas of adjustment:
Ø  Lyric coach Ø  Guided singer
Ø  Backing music Ø  Record your voice