Innovation: a new idea, device, or method; the act or process of introducing new ideas, devices, or methods. (Merriam-Webster)

While innovation in healthcare is often associated with a new high tech device or computer software technology, innovation also encompasses the implementation of new ideas or methods. In order to keep up with the changes in healthcare and attract clients in the competitive marketplace, we have to keep innovation at the forefront of our mind and our therapeutic practice.

Lack of innovation could result in:

  • Decreased efficiency in care delivery
  • Decreased customer satisfaction
  • Reduced program development opportunities
  • Loss of business to more innovative competitors

As therapists, it is important that we stay innovative and relevant by constantly challenging our clinical repertoire. Reading articles on breakthrough evidence based treatment approaches, and incorporating the innovative techniques into practice would be one place to start. Another opportunity, is to take full advantage of the offerings through FP University. FP University is free to all full and part time therapists employed with FP. The University has a tremendous catalog of courses, self-paced and live webinars, to help expand your therapeutic “toolbox.” The best part is you can complete these classes from the comfort of your home! The FP Program Manual is also a great reference for ideas. In addition to educational opportunities, there are several apps in the marketplace that are applicable for use in a skilled therapeutic session – many of them free. Be creative! Be sure to share your creative innovations with FP social media so that others can learn from your ideas. By sharing, we can show how we live the value of innovation at FP and inspire others to do the same.

Melissa Ward

Director of Clinical Services