When I think about quality therapy services, my thoughts often go to the many wonderful Functional Pathways facility teams I have had the privilege of visiting in my role as Quality Liaison. I think about what it is our teams do day after day with unceasing dedication and commitment to FP values and how deep we must sometimes dig to meet the daily obligations and challenges of our roles.

Providing elite, quality therapy day in and day out is a huge commitment from our team to the clients they care for. All of us have multiple responsibilities, not only for our own health and happiness, but to our families, friends and communities, as well. To also extend the same heartfelt commitment that we give in these areas to the residents we care for is invaluable. The residents indeed become  apart of our lives and enrich our experiences.

Kudos to all the wonderful Functional Pathways therapists that dedicate and commit themselves to providing quality therapy services to our residents!  Thank you for all that you do!!

Cherie Rowell

Corporate Quality Liaison