In the healthcare field, we often think of quality in terms of what we provide to those we “care” for, the services we provide, and the outcomes we achieve. Take it a step further and begin to analyze quality in a more personal way. How we achieve quality in our own lives can directly relate to the type of care we provide to our residents. As therapists, nurses and managers, our attitudes shape and define us. What we bring to the table is specifically related to our own personal experiences and values.

Self-Improvement, one of our six core values, is crucial in facilitating and maintaining the provision of quality therapy services. The fundamental skills of using professional communication, imparting empathy, and an unconditional positive regard for each other and the residents we treat, can kick start our path to being truly elite care givers. For therapists seeking to increase their clinical knowledge within their scope of practice, is a great place to get continuing education. It was a pleasure to see so many attendees at this year’s FP Symposium in Nashville. It demonstrated how very committed (another core value) FP therapists are in improving their skills as clinicians and people!

It is only through continued education and knowledge building that we can truly strive for the title “Elite Therapists.”  Sharing with peers specific clinical strengths and assisting in the education of other team members, will have a profound effect on the outcomes we seek to obtain for our residents.


Cherie Rowell

Quality Liaison