We have been receiving quite a few Thank You’s lately at the CJF and we would like everyone to know how much we appreciate those! It is wonderful to hear the impact that our fund is making. Our employees who donate and our committee members who work hard to improve the function of the fund, really love hearing about the success of the mission.  It’s a motivator in many ways.

For the month of September we would like to challenge you to thank at least one person every day for something they have done that has made a difference in your life, no matter how big or how small.  We know how wonderful “Thank You” and the power a simple “Thank You” holds. We would like to kick it off by thanking each and every person who has donated in any way, shape or fashion to the CJF.  We have said it many times, but the fact is the fund could not function without you. We would also like to share a couple of our most recent Thank You’s that were received by recipients and nominators.


“Dear Friends at FP,
Recently I emailed you about a RN here at our facility who had her baby early, and had to leave him in NICU for 4 months. Today we received a check from the Cookie Jar Fund! Words cannot express how thankful we are for your generous donation. I am so proud to be part of such a caring, giving, and extraordinary company such as Functional Pathways! Thank you again from the Therapy and Nursing Team.
Thank you!



“I so appreciate the gift from your Cookie Jar Fund. It was so thoughtful for your organization to think of me at a time like this. I want you to know, as the Nurse Manager, I love each and every one of your employees. Sharon Dalton, FP manager, goes above and beyond. Again, thanks so much for your kindness!

April Williams

Credentialing Specialist-HR