April’s Living Our Values blog winner is The Richwood in LaGrange, KY.  Caryn Weferling, our CM, sent this short article celebrating her staff and patients.

The OT staff decided to have our residents make the Crock Pot Candy recipe out of the CJF recipe book and hand it out to the staff on behalf of OT Month. Our therapy residents put 2 days of work into the challenge, working on skills such as direction following, sequencing, problem solving, eye-hand coordination, fine motor coordination, static and dynamic standing balance, activity tolerance, strength, and IADL kitchen skills. They had a blast!

The family of one of our new residents came back to tell us how their mom was having a really difficult day the day she handed out our treats. She had gotten confused that morning, thinking something had happened to her husband, and had spent hours crying and worrying. Embarrassed and upset, she hadn’t want to come to therapy that day, but reluctantly agreed. When she got to put together the bags and hand out the treats, so many of the staff smiled and said thank you, asking how she made them and telling her how wonderful she was, she couldn’t help but smile the rest of the day. She told her family it had made her day, and she can’t wait for the next challenge!

Thank you, Caryn, for your leadership and dedication to Living Our Values.  This example touches on almost every one of our values!!  You and your team are making a real difference in our patients’ lives.  We are all proud of your Elite service.