As Spring and Summer set in, there are new occasions for CJF to help those in a time of need.  We want to take this time to mention a couple of our most recent recipients.  We had an employee at corporate whose mother was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer and her father unexpectedly ended up in the hospital for a few weeks.  She had exhausted all of her PTO and was having to drive back and forth from Chattanooga every few days.   We also had a therapist at our Blount Memorial TCU whose husband had been on medical leave since April 2013, due to unexplained vision loss in his right eye.  After several months he was finally diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy and three different forms of glaucoma.  It was determined that the vision in his right eye could not be restored and his left eye would require several expensive treatments to prep for surgery.  CJF provided financial assistance to both of these recipients in order to take off some of the financial strains they are currently facing. We are so thankful to our supporters who make one time donations and who choose to do bi-weekly deductions from their paycheck.  Helping these wonderful, deserving people wouldn’t be possible without our Functional Pathways employee donations.  For more information on how you can help and to hear more stories of how CJF has helped visit

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