This week’s value is Relationships. The Functional Pathways rehab team at Four Oaks Health Care Center in Jonesborough, TN shared a great story about how they are building strong relationships with their patients  and their families, all while providing Elite care.

There was recently a patient on rehab caseload at Four Oaks with moderate to severe dementia.  Her husband of only 7 years was very dedicated to his wife. He could be seen at the facility each day, pushing her around and attending therapy with her. He was not well himself.  He was undergoing radiation for cancer and asked our team to keep an eye on his wife when he could not be there because of treatments. The rehab team was touched by the constant affection and support of his wife and looked after her like she was their own family.

Over time, therapists discovered that the patient loved music. One afternoon in the therapy gym while music was playing, she began to clap and tap her foot. A therapist stood her up and she began to dance with the help and support of FP therapy staff. Just at that moment, her husband walked in and discovered her up dancing. He was excited to see her so engaged and mobile.  He took her hands and began swaying along to the music and told the staff that she used to love to dance. He commented, “Oh, how I wish I could have a picture of this.” With his permission, this photo was taken. The next day, the therapy staff presented him with a framed copy. He was so proud of the picture and his wife’s progress that he carried the photo around all day, showing it to everyone, even the Walgreen’s pharmacist.

Kudos to the FP team at Four Oaks! This just goes to show that building relationships with your patients and their families can help to tailor treatment, improve outcomes and even strengthen marriages.