Nolan was born on April 12, 2013, six weeks premature, but after just 3 days in the hospital he was discharged to go home.  Since Nolan was a preemie, he had many bouts of respiratory problems with several stays in the hospital.  Later on September 30th, Nolan was taken to the pediatrician for what was thought to be more respiratory problems, but was referred to the ER for breathing treatments and a chest x-ray.

Nolan was diagnosed with an enlarged heart and what they believed to be myocarditis (virus in the lining of his heart).  On Friday, October 4th, Nolan was airlifted to the Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA.  He was placed on a ventricular assistive device (Berlin Heart) and put on a heart transplant list.

After 101 days on the transplant list, Nolan and his family received “the call” they had been waiting for.  On January 12, 2014, Nolan received his heart transplant.    Nolan is doing well today.  He has had some minor setbacks along the way; however, he is planning to be discharged to receive “at home” care from his parents and outpatient therapy.  He will still have follow up visits in Pittsburgh but will see a cardiologist closer to home.

The Williamsport Home, with direction from Kaleb Roudabush, Wellness Coordinator, came together incorporating a Build-a-Bear program to help with fundraising for Baby Nolan.  After 4 short weeks, they made 55 bears and contributed to this wonderful cause.  This was a huge success and I am exceptionally proud of Kaleb for making this happen.

I’m proud to have him as part of the team at The Williamsport Home in Williamsport, PA.