Changes in therapy reimbursement and daily practice have been overwhelming the past 2 years! No longer can we utilize some of the therapy delivery modes that have clinically been a benefit to our clients i.e. group treatment and concurrent therapy delivery, being among them. Therapists know that group treatment can be a great tool for motivation through peer interaction. What has not changed is the need for us to use good, sound clinical decisions for the folks we provide services to!

All too often, therapists defer to either the company they work for or the facility community they are assigned to for guidance in the treatment process; length of stay, treatment frequency, program selection, etc. We cannot forget that the ultimate responsibility for the service we deliver as individual therapists lies on our own shoulders. Therapists must use sound clinical judgment in screening; evaluating and providing appropriate treatment interventions and modes of service delivery that are based on “person centered care” and are effective in reaching therapy goals. This includes selecting programs that benefit the individual in their primary living environment.

FP promotes therapy that is directed by our values and delivered by our Elite individual therapists!

Responsibility: Hold yourself accountable.

Commitment: Put your heart into it.

Passion: Have fun!

Relationships: Develop these with your customer and co-workers and be a part of the 

                       solution to relationship barriers.

Innovation: Be creative.

Self-Improvement: No one knows it all, so continue to be open to learning new

                              strategies, processes, and increase your self-knowledge.