A small act of kindness can go further than you may imagine.  It’s like giving a child a cookie.  The way their face lights up when they see that yummy goodness and knowing how much they’re going to savor and enjoy that little morsel.  A smile, holding the door for someone, or even just saying hello could change someone’s outlook for the rest of their day. It’s easy to bypass kindness in our everyday lives.  We are rushing through our commute, trying to get the kids to practice on time, or trying to get that report on our boss’ desk before 5pm. The Cookie Jar Fund and its members would like to implement a challenge for you this month.  At least once a day, make an effort to be kind to someone.  Whether it be someone at home, someone at work or a complete stranger.  Paying it forward with a small gesture may inspire someone else to do the same.  Just imagine what it would be like if everyone made that little bit of effort every day.  So, “pass the cookies, please!”