I want to share a great and innovative idea that is keeping our residents invigorated and excited about our Wellness services at Trinity Hills in Knoxville, TN.  Angela Grant has started the Trinity Hills Winter Olympics!!!

Residents are participating in the Winter Olympics throughout the month of February.  The Opening Ceremony was held on Feb 7th. The ceremony consisted of lighting the caldron with the Olympic Torch, singing the National Anthem, and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, Olympic Oath, Creed, and the Judges Oath.

The Trinity Hills Winter Olympic events include Curling, “Snowball” Toss, Snowshoe Race and Hockey.  The events have been modified to fit the needs of our residents.  Spectators who come to watch the events will receive $50 in funny money.  The “athletes” receive $250 per event.  The funny money is accumulated throughout the year by attending classes, events and educational in-services and can be used to purchase Christmas presents donated by the staff at Trinity Hills.

In addition to these fun activities, on Friday, Feb 7th, National Wear Red Day, many residents participated by wearing red clothes, shoes and even hats. I’m very proud of Angela and her innovative ideas to keep Wellness fresh and fun.  I can’t wait to see the medal count!



Pictured is Angela Grant, Wellness Coordinator, Jane Manners, volunteer, and residents of Trinity Hills Senior Living in Knoxville, TN.