___ 1.  The largest joint in the body

___ 2.  HEP stands for this

___ 3.  The hardest working muscle in the human body

___ 4.  Forcing the use of an impaired extremity by restraining the non-involved extremity

___ 5.  The medical term for urination

___ 6.  Fibrous tissue connecting bone to bone

___ 7.  Listening to the internal sounds of the body

___ 8.  Fibrous tissue connecting muscle to bone

___ 9.  The smallest bone in the human body

___ 10. Rapid blinking or winking the eyes


Choose the question!

a. What is a ligament?

b. What is the stapes?

c. What is constraint-induced movement?

d. What is a home exercise program?

e. What is the heart?

f. What is a tendon?

g. What is nictation?

h. What is micturition?

i. What is the knee?

j. What is auscultation?






Answer Key: 1. i  2. d  3. e  4. c  5. h  6. a  7. j  8. f  9. b  10. g